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Site Update in Progress 2015

Manga MondaySite undergoing transformation this year.

We are completely updating the site layout, lists, and adding new best anime recommendations. We've also reactivated our blog and posted our old anime, manga, and film reviews to it.

Make sure you look at our best anime list to find our picks for the best anime ever.

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Best Anime of 2014? And Winners are...

Manga MondayUpdat Dec 2014: check Cut our Best Anime of 2014 List for our picks for the best anime of 2014 from all genres.

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Best Anime of 2013?

Manga MondaySo 2013 was an pretty darn good year for anime. The number one anime pick that everyone raves about has been Attack of the Titan, which just frankly, blew the socks off of just about everyone who watched it. Was it absolutely the 'best'? Well that was debatable, but it was certainly one of the more enjoyable anime series to come out. The only problem being, we are probably going to have to wait a while for a second season to follow as the manga is not complete yet.

Uchouten Kazoku was another stand out anime series. It's not as exciting as Attack of the Titan, but for a slower-paced anime with a rather bizarre yet imaginative concept that builds up characters as the episodes go on, this is one to watch. Before you know it, you just can't stop watching.

Shinsekai Yori probably my third favorite anime of 2013 and the standout SF anime of the year. The series combines a perfect mix of action, innocence, adventure, and horror. It's a chillingly addictive series that grabs your heart.


Resources/Links to Other Awesome Sites

Soundtrack SundayJust a shout out for a couple sites you will like if you have a hankering to find some good books. For horror book recommendtaions, check out this best horror books website. For mystery book recommendations, check out this best mystery books website. Both sites have awesomely detailed best lists.

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