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 Babel II: Beyond Infinity17-Oct-20032423 (none yet)22 of 45Baldios10-Oct-20033806 (none yet)15 of 31Bambi and her Pink Gun vol. 122-Aug-20055141 (none yet)–Banner of the Stars II vol. 119-Oct-20033521 (none yet)83 of 154Banner of the Stars vol. 1-217-Oct-20032157 (none yet)49 of 63Baptism of Blood10-Nov-20032699 (none yet)14 of 31Bastard!!, The Complete17-Oct-20032061 (none yet)25 of 51BASToF Syndrome vols. 1-217-Sep-20042005 (none yet)44 of 93Battle Arena Toshinden18-Oct-20035230 (none yet)36 of 75Battle Athletes17-Oct-20032487 (none yet)20 of 39Battle Athletes Victory vols. 1-217-Oct-20031990 (none yet)13 of 40Battle of the Planets vols. 1-217-Oct-20031990 (none yet)23 of 47Beck vol. 129-Aug-20056972 (none yet)–Berserk17-Oct-20037224 (none yet)71 of 96Betterman17-Oct-200310917 (none yet)64 of 137Beyblade: Let It Rip!17-Oct-20033351 (none yet)52 of 80Big Wars17-Oct-20032072 (none yet)61 of 84Bio Hunter17-Oct-20032438 (none yet)24 of 50Birdy the Mighty: Double Trouble10-Oct-20032541 (none yet)17 of 41Birth17-Jul-20043520 (none yet)67 of 144Bite Me! Chameleon10-Oct-20031984 (none yet)38 of 79Bizenghast vol. 108-Aug-20053707 (none yet)–Black Jack: Clinical Chart 310-Oct-20032266 (none yet)72 of 155Black Jack: Infection06-Feb-20043797 (none yet)78 of 154Black Jack: Seizure21-Dec-20042203 (none yet)8 of 12Black Jack: The Movie10-Oct-20032541 (none yet)51 of 110Black Magic M6617-Oct-20032076 (none yet)22 of 68Blame! (OVA)20-Aug-20052271 (none yet)–Blame! vol. 115-Aug-20052341 (none yet)–Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma07-Oct-20031567 (none yet)16 of 33Blood: The Last Vampire17-Oct-20031945 (none yet)42 of 59Blowback: Love and Death10-Nov-20031491 (none yet)26 of 58Blue Gender vols. 1-217-Oct-20034224 (none yet)36 of 60Blue Gender: The Warrior29-Sep-20054746 (none yet)–Blue Seed Beyond30-Nov-20033646 (none yet)90 of 118Blue Seed vol. 110-Oct-20031748 (none yet)20 of 40Blue Sonnet21-Jan-20042732 (none yet)47 of 151Blue Submarine no. 617-Oct-20032300 (none yet)19 of 37Boogiepop Phantom Complete Collection03-Jan-20052170 (none yet)–Bounty Dog17-Oct-20032357 (none yet)26 of 50Boys Over Flowers vol. 121-Jan-20045389 (none yet)55 of 144Brain Powered17-Oct-20032397 (none yet)15 of 66Brainpowered vols. 4-510-Oct-20031598 (none yet)18 of 36Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 vols. 1-510-Oct-20032143 (none yet)17 of 37Burn Up Excess17-Oct-20032460 (none yet)22 of 93Burn Up Scramble vol. 125-Jan-20052210 (none yet)–Burn Up! W10-Oct-20032204 (none yet)18 of 40Burst Angel vols. 1-315-Mar-20062705 (none yet)–

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