Anime Live Action Film Reviews

Live-action Anime Film Reviews

Stewarded by the mighty Mike Horne, our section of live-action film reviews covers every segment and genre of Japanese cinema, be it samurai epics with giant monsters, crime dramas with giant monsters, or horror movies about scary girls in wells and giant monsters!


Review Of
Reviewer’s Rating
Found Helpful
Angel of Darkness (Live-action) Collection
Baptism of Blood 14 of 31
Blowback: Love and Death 26 of 58
Close Your Eyes and Hold Me 33 of 64
Daimajin 25 of 52
Dragon Blue 52 of 84
G Saviour 41 of 89
Gamera Trilogy Box Set Reviewer Rated 5 StarsReviewer Rated 5 StarsReviewer Rated 5 StarsReviewer Rated 5 StarsReviewer Rated 5 Stars
Giants and Toys 78 of 157
Hypnotist, The 28 of 52
JSA: Joint Security Area 67 of 138
Legend of the Devil 64 of 134
Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon 30 of 79
Police Branch 82 32 of 81
Pulgasari 31 of 61
Returner 69 of 145
Samurai Armageddon: Reborn from Hell 46 of 104
Terminatrix 51 of 85
Weather Woman 46 of 85
Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs


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