Rollin’, rollin’ rollin’. Keep them doggies rollin’.

You know, it’s funny– I posted an update yesterday, and it seems to have vanished into the ether. Oh, boy!

Anyway, it’s manga Monday, and so Chad checks in with his take on the brand-nwe Chrono Code and Blame!. He also reviewed Bizenghast last week, don’t miss that one!

Other than that, you may have noticed that I’ve been on something of a tear. In the past few days, I’ve reviewed Gundam F-91, Megazone 23 Part III, Kabuto, Shonan Bakusozoku, Urusei Yatsura: Remember My Love, Cybuster, and Kaze no Yojimbo. The kicker? I’ll have at least two more published tomorrow– possibly as many as four. I have a new ongoing humor article ready for Wednesday (you’re gonna like this one, I think, because it involves reader participation), and there’s more to come as the week rolls on. So who else is looking forward to Godannar? Or barring that, Naruto?

Am I bragging, or complaining?

How’s this for a statistic: We’ve posted thirteen reviews in the last seven days. Impressive, huh?

At least, until you remember that, in the last month, we’ve posted 26 reviews. Wait a minute, that’s still moderately impressive. Hum.

Okay. In the last… uh, in the last year, we’ve posted 142 reviews. Or, an average of one review every 2.5 days. Hang on, that’s still not so bad. We’ve kind of got our act together, huh? Shit.

Worst of all, I’d be lying if I told you there weren’t still MORE reviews on the horizon. In fact, I’ve got a VHS copy of Wanna-Bees and the blockbuster DVD release of The Enchanted Journey on deck, while that fresh copy of The Mars Daybreak probably won’t be broken in until sometime during the work week. Just so you know that we’ve still got our priorities straight around here. But don’t worry; it looks like I’ll have copies of Mars Daybreak to hand out to readers, so it’s not all good. Er, bad.

To take you up to the present, we’ve recently posted reviews by moi of Neo Tokyo, Divergence Eve, Blame! (the anime, not the manga), Fight!! Iczer-1, and My Neighbors the Yamadas. Chad also gives us his take on Pom Poko. Jesus, we’ve actually got coverage of the latest wave of Studio Ghibli DVDs less than a week after release! We really need to make sure we get back to falling short of your expectations soon, this is turning into a scary trend.

when saturday comes

Just updating you before I head off to a soccer game. That’s what my life’s been lately– a blur of work, anime, and soccer games. Well, it’s nice to have more than just ONE hobby, I suppose.

Recently I’ve turned in reviews of Area 88 (the original OVAs– TV series review is coming soon!), Marriage, and Wanna-bes. Today, I’ve got reviews of two totally different Korean animated films– the lovely and engrossing My Beautiful Girl Mari and the disappointing Sky Blue, which bounced around the arthouse circuit a few months ago and still hasn’t rated a US DVD release.

Oh, and for the record, the title of today’s article is from a really horrid movie about soccer starring Sean Bean. If you ever watch a movie about soccer, watch Victory instead. At least that one has Pele.


When Monday comes

It’s manga Monday again, so it’s time for a manga review. Chad turns in his unique spin on TOKYOPOP’s recently released Beck, a story about music that somehow involves neither Beck Hansen nor Jeff Beck.

The title of today’s post, for the record, is NOT about soccer. So there!

Thank God it’s Tuesd-Egg

We’re back from the abyss again. Here, I take a rare stab at a live-action film with promising newcomer Discotek Media’s Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs. Chad turns in a penetrating examination of the great Makoto Shinkai’s recent film The Place Promised in our Early Days.

It’s not Friday, but I promised another contest. This one is for a shiny new copy of DearS volume 1. (Hey, I said I’d give something away. I didn’t say it’d be totally awesome.) It’s the same drill as before– I want YOU to identify this famous anime character by name and series. EDIT: We have a winner! Luis Chavez was the first to identify this pooch as Belle from the series Belle & Sebastian. (Saying the dog is Jolie from the series “Meiken Jolie” would’ve been good enough, too.) I’m liking this format. Thanks to the handful who entered.

for the next five minutes, THIS IS MY BLOG

The past few weeks have been a blur. I went to Dallas, on a flight booked at the VERY last second, to see my beloved soccer team proudly enter into a championship match… and lose. (I lost a $200 PDA in the bargain. Ouch!) I went to Gencon SoCal, which was an interesting experience– gaming conventions, with their vast seas of picnic tables swarming with card and dice duelists, are not like anime cons. In the meantime, I’ve been working almost constantly, have undergone the usual weird trauma that happens when you switch computers and have to shuffle around contacts and goodies, and just found out I may be in Grand Cayman for much of December. Fingers crossed– I’d like to go someplace warm in December.

But all’s not lost. I did spend the weekend recuperating, and will– with the amazing support of the site’s writers– populate this here website with many, many reviews and articles in the next few weeks. Yeah. I figure if I just keep telling myself that, it’s bound to come true!

Anyway. Here for your enjoyment is my take on the wonderful Dramacon and the resurgent Jes’s review of the man-tastic Antique Bakery. We’ll have more tomorrow.