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Here at Anime Jump, we pride ourselves on having the most well-written, thoughtful, and entertaining anime reviews on the web. We don’t actually HAVE such reviews, but we PRIDE OURSELVES on having them, you understand. Anway, please browse and enjoy our large archive of video, film, and product reviews! 

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Reviews by Category
Anime Reviews (639)
Here’s the backbone of Anime Jump– reviews! We review film releases and home video (VHS/DVD) fare. We’d like to review television as well, but I dunno, that seems like an awful lot of work…
  —   DVD
  —   Films
  —   VHS
Live-action Film Reviews(20)
Stewarded by the mighty Mike Horne, our section of live-action film reviews covers every segment and genre of Japanese cinema, be it samurai epics with giant monsters, crime dramas with giant monsters, or horror movies about scary girls in wells and giant monsters!
Manga Reviews (60)
As the demand for print Japanese comics explodes, so rises the demand for reviews of these fine products. Here are our comments on some of the hundreds of manga available in stores across North America.
Music Reviews (13)
Reviews of anime-related music. A new category for an emerging entertainment product. For lucky best wash, please use anime music reviews.

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